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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for a loved one?

It's just as easy as signing up as a member. If you are signing up for a loved one, fill out the form when registering letting us know. You will have the opportunity to schedule the first call so all parties can be there for the first introduction.

Who are my Best Friends
Best Friends are full-time paid employees of AFFM. They serve as the constant contact for our members. From getting your member profile developed the first two weeks to checking in routinely, these individuals will be your new Best Friend.
Who are my Friends?
Friends can be anyone from students and youth groups looking for community service to professionals working part-time or even retirees looking to stay engaged. Your friends will be people that you have identified for your Best Friend to cultivate networks of individuals to introduce you to.
How is this different from traditional companion care?
Traditional companion care is focused on the operational deficiency's individuals face as they age. Loss of mobility, dexterity and etc; going to the grocery store, helping with chores around the house or driving to appointments are the value add. AFFM is focused on providing the social, emotional and cultural support you lose as you age that leads to the physical decline.
What if I miss my weekly scheduled call?
With three different preferred days and times to connect through out the week, your Best Friends and Friends will make multiple attempts each week to connect with you.
Can I get a call over the weekend?
Yes, AFFM works weekends.
What if I want to continue talking with my Friends?
Members can request to have the same Friend call them each week. After 5 phone calls they are eligible to exchange personal contact info if both parties consent.